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EDEA mink

€ 22,00
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MINK BLADE COVER (synthetic mink)
'Wrap your skates with diamonds and fur' ...
Always dry the blades well when you finish skating and put on the blade covers,
water is an enemy for your blades.
The blade guards are very useful for absorbing the condensation that forms in the steel of the blade from the different temperature changes.
In this way you will avoid rust in the edges and you can use the blade longer.

These synthetic mink blade covers with knitted collar are a touch of elegance.
The Edea brand in rhinestones has been applied to the collar on one side, while the opposite side has been left free to imagination and personalization.
They are padded and with an absorbent inner lining, they are ideal for keeping the blade dry.

One size

Available in White or Black

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Blade cover EDEA mink

Blade cover EDEA mink

€ 22,00
(€ 18.03 Extra Europe)
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