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Skates Rollerblade Microblade fuchsia / black

€ 81,96
VAT included
(€ 81.96 Extra Europe)
Microblade is a high-quality adjustable skate for kids. Using Rollerblade expertise, skates are adjustable four full sizes. An easy-to-use system works with the push of a button and markers in the toe area align the skates to the correct size. Junior Fit support includes an engineered mesh for breathability and provides enhanced comfort. A durable frame design lowers the center of gravity to improve stability, balance and control. 72mm Performance wheels/SG3 bearings are ideal for kids and upgrading to a faster Microblade 3WD can be achieved later by purchasing larger wheels. The buckle, power strap and lace closure system ensure a secure fit and a brake is standard. Microblade is a right choice for kids.

QUALITY SKATE FOR KIDS - Secure fit, stability and control in a high-quality skate

FOUR-SIZE ADJUSTABLE - Designed to correctly position foot for proper balance in three size options: 11J-1, 2-5, 5-8

SUPPORTIVE LINER - Junior Fit with an engineered mesh creates a sock-like comfort with added breathability and ample padding for support

DURABLE INTEGRATED FRAME - Lower center of gravity provides stability and balance with a 3WD design upgradable to 80mm

ROLLERBLADE PERFORMANCE WHEELS - 72mm/80A wheels paired with SG3 bearings for better wear and moderate speed

Microblade, 4-size adjustable, engineered mesh

Locking cuff buckle, 45° powerstrap, laces

Performance Junior, adjustable

Monocoque, Lo-Bal composite, (max 4x72mm/3x80mm)

Rollerblade 4x72mm/80A


Standard, on the skate

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