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About us

Since 1987, Giulianelli Tiziana's IL PATTINO RICCIONE is a leader
in the dissemination and trade of articles for artistic skating.

The expertise and precision of technical advice comes from the deep
knowledge of the store owner, former athlete and trainer of this fascinating
sport specialty.

Trust the quality of the products offered and guaranteed to come to you
delivered with extreme punctuality.

Tel. 0541/643363 - 335/6912628 - 339/2000231

The store is open from Monday to Saturday at the following times:
Morning: 9.00 / 12.30
Afternoon: 16.00 / 19.30
Closing day:

Before making payments for your orders we suggest you contact us as at certain times of the year and in the pre-Christmas period some products may be temporarily terminated and can not be shipped quickly
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