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Skates Sanitizer

il Pattino Riccione
€ 14,00
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Regenerating microemulsion that hydrates, refreshes hot feet, combats the formation of bad odors and eliminates tiredness. In practical spray format that dries immediately, also ideal if you frequent shared environments such as swimming pools and gyms. It also keeps shoes and shoe racks smelling fresh.

Urea, aquatic mint extract, camphor, essential oils of eucalyptus, mountain pine, lavender, white thyme and rosemary.
How to use
spray on feet and nails and leave to dry for a few seconds; apply several times during the day as needed. No need to massage. Also dispense inside shoes and shoe racks to perfume and combat bad odors.

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Skates Deodorant Sanitizer

Skates Deodorant Sanitizer

€ 14,00
(€ 11.48 Extra Europe)
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